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If you are part of the visual learning types, then this page is for you. Below are instructional video tutorial for projects that can best be explained by demonstration. We hope you find these videos helpful, and check back as more videos will be posted.

 Witch Wreath Video Tutorial

Watch how easy it is to make this adorable Halloween wreath. All it takes is some deco mesh, a few accessories, and a little time to create this spook-tackular decoration.

Marquee Letter Video Tutorial

If you want one of those light-up marquee letters, but don’t want to spend the time or the money searching antique shops for a vintage find, this project is for you! Watch the video, gather the supplies, and create your very own personalized marquee letter.

EZ Wreath Video Tutorial

Learn how to make this fun and simple wreath by watching the video below. This wreath makes a great gift or addition to any home,  and it can be personalized to suit any decor scheme.

Embossed Letter Video Tutorial

Create an embossed-look to a craft letter using Tacky Glue and this tutorial. This project makes a great addition to any room and is a thoughtful, personalized gift.


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