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Receiving Blanket

1. Trim off the writing on the salvage of the printed fabric. With wrongs sides together fold the fabric on the bias (diagonally) to form a triangle. There will be extra fabric with the wrong side facing up. Trim this off. Open up your remaining piece of fabric. You will have a square.

2. Use the edge of a plate to draw a line to round the corners. Trim your fabric on this line.

3. Sew rick rack to the top right side of the printed fabric by laying the rick rack just inside the edge of the fabric & sewing about 1/8” from the edge.

4. Trim off the writing on the selvage of the solid fabric.

5. Open up the solid piece of fabric with the right side up. Place the printed fabric on top of the solid piece with right sides together. Trim the edges of the solid fabric to the same size as the printed fabric. Pin the two fabrics together.

6. Sew the two fabrics together by lining your presser foot along the edge of the printed fabric using about a 1/3” seam allowance. This seam should be to the left of the seam used to attach the rick rack. Leave a 4” opening along this seam to pull the fabrics right side out.

7. Pull the fabric right side out & press the edges. Hand stitch the opening shut.

8. Tack the blanket with embroidery floss.


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