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Ribbon Loop Tree


  • Paper mache cone
  • 4 yds. 1.5” ribbon in 3 colors
  • Paint (coordinating color to a ribbon)
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun


  • Paint cone and let dry.
  • Cut the ribbon into 4.5” strips. Make loops out of most of the strips by matching the cut ends and stapling.
  • Beginning at the bottom, adhere ribbon loops by applying a bead of hot glue to the cut end and pressing it to the cone. Overlap loops by a quarter of a loop.
  • For the second row, apply loops in the same manner as before, but layer over the bottom row by half a loop or more. Repeat three-fourths the way up the cone.
  • Now starting at the top, apply ribbon loops* in rows working down toward the other ribbon loops. *Cut smaller strips and make shorter loops to use at the top as the longer loops can be difficult to use.
  • To hide the seam where the two rows meet, glue the stapled end of a loop down to itself to create a finished-looking edge. Glue that edge to the cone to hide the seam. Repeat until the seam is cover in ribbon loops.


For a full list of materials and directions.

Date: November 23, 2015