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Spooky Spider


    • 4 in. styrofoam ball
    • 1 roll 10 in. geo mesh
    • 2–1 in. styrofoam balls
    • 2 buttons for eyes
    • Black pine rope for legs
    • Hot glue
    • Floral pins


    • Cut 36 pieces geo mesh 10 in. long.
    • Using one piece at a time, tightly roll the mesh into a tube. Place a floral pin in the fold of the tube. Dip pin into hot glue and push into top of the 4 in. styrofoam ball. Continue pinning mesh tubes down the sides of the ball until the mesh is used up. Do not pin the bottom of the ball as it needs to be flat to sit properly.
    • Cut black pine rope into 4 pieces 26 in. long. Place 2 pieces together and pin into ball. Pin one set of legs near the front and one set near the back on each side. Shape legs as desired.

    Glue buttons onto 1 in. styrofoam balls, then glue to front of spider. Enjoy!


For a full list of materials and directions.

Date: September 20, 2014