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February 6, 2014
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Let us start off by welcoming you to our new website and blog. This blog is a new addition to our means of communication with you, our customer. We are excited to use this tool as a way to share what is going on in our stores, as well as pass along design trends, showcase new merchandise, and provide a source of inspiration.

This first post is to introduce you to our new logo, branding, and website. The new logo was designed to keep a feeling of familiarity, but with a clean and fresh update. The red and grey colour scheme remains to continue that familiar feeling. (See below)

BF Logo_large

In addition to the logo, we are presenting four icons each representing a main department of our stores. First, the pin cushion symbolizes our fabric department. Next, the flower refers to our floral offerings. The yarn ball and needles incorporates our vast crafting area, including paper crafts, art supplies, cake decorating supplies, yarn, jewelry supplies, etc. Finally, the gift box encompasses the wide array of unique gift and home décor items we offer. (See below)


An extension of this new branding system is a ribbon motif that is used on our website, advertisements, circulars, and signage. We feel the ribbon is an all-encompassing visual for our store departments since it can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether wrapping a gift, embellishing a craft, holding a bouquet together, or sprucing up a sewing project, the ribbon can be seen tying our store together. (See below)

Icon logo_square

The new website for Wavering’s Ben Franklin has received a major revamping; this comes as part of the new branding, but also as a way to better serve our customers. The website continues to offer all the features our previous site did, such as project sheets, now in a more organized and easy to navigate manner. The new site’s features, this blog for instance, are targeted to help us better connect with you, our consumer.  Updates about new merchandise will be more frequent as to keep our customers in the loop with our stores.

Another way we are connecting with our consumers is through social media. As social media has revolutionized the way businesses connect with their customers, Wavering’s Ben Franklin has also adopted this line of communication. Currently, our store can be followed on Facebook and Pinterest under “Wavering’s Ben Franklin.” Our posts include new merchandise, craft projects, decorating ideas, and an abundance of inspiration. Our Facebook features a contest called “Win It Wednesday” in which we post a picture of an item(s) we are giving away that week a user who “likes” our store’s page and the post. It’s a fun and easy way to win a great item from our stores.

That about sums it up for this blog post. We hope you enjoy our new look and welcome any feedback you may have. We want to make the connection between our store and you as easy as possible. Thank you to our loyal customers for your support over the years, and to those of you who are just discovering Wavering’s Ben Franklin – Welcome! We anticipate being a source for all your fabric, floral, craft, gift, and decorating needs. See you next week.


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