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Memorial Day

May 21, 2014
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With Memorial Day fast approaching, our stores are in full production. The floral designers are busy little bees making tombstone saddles, hanging baskets, and cones as fast as we can sell them. The rest of us are kept busy filling flower bushes thanks to our customers taking full advantage of the sales (50% off flower bushes and select group $1.57 bushes).

Floral designers Janet, Lora Jo, and Lynn keep us stocked with floral memorial tributes that are ready-to-purchase in all types of color combinations. No two are alike—unless the customer wants it that way, in which case we are happy to oblige!

Speaking of pleasing you the customer, our floral designers can create custom memorial arrangements with flowers you pick from our vast selection. This is a great chance to reflect your loved ones’ favorite flowers and/or colors.

Memorial Day is often thought of as the kick-off to summer with get-togethers and burgers on the grill. Before you start your summer, take a moment to remember those who have passed– whether you visit their graves or simply reminisce about times you shared.

The Wavering’s Ben Franklin family wish you a most enjoyable and safe Memorial Day.


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