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Peculiar things are happening around our stores — employees acting bizarre, customers oohing and ahh-ing, and children trembling. What could be the cause of all this foolishness? Halloween, of course! It is this time of year that brings out either the excitement or repulsiveness in people, even the workers. For the most part, though, we find that our customers have a lot of fun with the month of October. Whether it be decorating, crafting, or designing costumes, people find themselves inspired by our spooky selection. We love to hear how customers plan to use the ghoulish gear from our store to make their Halloween displays spook-tacular.

If you have used products from Wavering’s Ben Franklin to transform your humble home into a haunted house or make delightfully devilish decorations, we want to see! Share pictures with us on Facebook or send us pins on Pinterest. We cannot wait to see what you come up with. Happy Halloween!


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