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magazinecoverAfter 5 decades of experience, Jeff Wavering, owner of Ben Franklin in Macon and Monroe City is the expert on crafts, home décor, gifts and more. In 1959, Jeff’s parents, Paul and Marge Wavering, opened their first Ben Franklin in Quincy, IL. Before going to college, Jeff worked for the family business learning the ins and outs of customer service.

After college, Jeff worked as an electrical engineer for Emerson Electric. He liked the engineering job but his heart always belonged home. He felt there was a future for him in the variety store business. In 1970 Jeff opened the Ben Franklin in Macon with Monroe City to follow in 1974.

Throughout the years, Ben Franklin has seen many changes. What was once called a five and dime store whose merchandise was controlled by corporate Ben Franklin, is now an independent business with a team of unique gift buyers. The team takes pride in finding , new, and unique pieces for the stores. Jeff’s favorite part of the buying is selecting the beautiful flowers and antique pieces. You will find an abundance of beautiful home décor for every style and gifts for every occasion.

aboutmebiopicThough many things have changed throughout the years, some things have remained the same, Jeff making sure that the store carries on the same values that it did when it was run by his parents: hard work, quality products and great customer service.

  • Susan Cearley

    Your store is a gem in the world of hand embroidery. Your staff is amazing. I traveled specifically to your store while visiting family in Perry. I love in Atlanta Georgia.

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